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Tate Etc

The imagination set ablaze: Tate Britain rehang In Focus III

Amy Concannon

The rehang of the collection of British art would not be complete without J.M.W. Turner. Included in the new displays ...

Tate Etc

In a word, beauty: Mira Schendel at Tate Modern

Fernanda Gomes

On the eve of the first international survey of her work, fellow Brazilian artist Fernanda Gomes pays tribute to Mira ...

Tate Etc

John Constable's The Opening of Waterloo Bridge

Frank Bowling

Tate Etc. at Tate Britain / Artists' Perspectives

Tate Etc

‘You’re so sheer, you’re so chic, teenage rebel of the week’

Jon Savage

Glam! The Performance of Style at Tate Liverpool

Tate Etc

Colossus of the camera: Francis Frith: Photographs at Tate Britain

Carol Jacobi

The spectacular images created by an Englishman that first revealed the sights along the Nile for those back home

Tate Etc

Beyond the easel

Gallery One, New Vision Centre, Signals and Indica at Tate Britain II

Tate Etc

The year of living dangerously – and anxiously

Florian Illies

Etc. Essay: Art at the crossroads

Tate Etc

Abstraction sans frontières

Éric de Chassey

International Exchanges: Modern Art and St Ives 1915-65

Tate Etc

Whose utopia

Cao Fei

Artist Cao Fei introduces her film Whose Utopia set in a Chinese factory as it goes on display at Tate Modern

Tate Etc

Wifredo Lam: the Albissola years

Eskil Lam

The Cuban-born artist Wifredo Lam (1902–1982), whose retrospective at Tate Modern opens in September, spent the last decades of his ...

Tate Etc

From the Surreal to the Decorative

Michael Bracewell , Marc Camille Chaimowicz , Alice Channer and Inga Fraser1

He is best known for his paintings from both world wars, as well as his surreal English landscapes, but Paul ...

Tate Etc

Private View: J.M.W. Turner's skies

Madeleine Bunting

The Hebridean islands are known for their expansive skies that are unpredictable and impressive in equal measure – something that ...

Tate Etc

The Hidden Hand: Marco Pasi

Art is usually made by the ‘hand of the artist’, but for centuries artists, from William Blake and Georgiana Houghton ...

Tate Etc

The human body: always changing, always the same

Artworks on view at this year’s TEFAF art fair in Maastricht showed how great artists from across the centuries have ...

Tate Etc

My Teacher: James Dyson on Maurice de Sausmarez

James Dyson

In our ongoing series celebrating the value and lasting impact of teachers, James Dyson, inventor of the cyclonic vacuum cleaner ...

Tate Etc

Tate Etc. issue 31: Summer 2014

Online edition of Tate's magazine featuring Henri Matisse, Kazimir Malevich, Piet Mondrian and more, published 13 May 2014

Tate Etc

Opinion: Slow Art in an Age of Speed

Jonathan P Watts

Taking time to look at art is good for us, argues Jonathan P Watts

Tate Etc

Writers on Art: The Art of the Word

Kamila Shamsie

In the first of a new series, Kamila Shamsie is inspired by the discovery of a poetic letter written to ...

Tate Papers

‘Not Incorrect and Particularly Not Irrelevant’: Joseph Beuys and Henning Christiansen, 1966–71

Peter van der Meijden

Between 1966 and 1971, Danish composer Henning Christiansen (1932–2008) appeared in eight of Joseph Beuys’s actions. This article examines the ...