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Unsung Heroes: Stella Snead

Liliane Lijn

Artist Liliane Lijn recalls her meetings with the intrepid explorer of internal and external worlds


Five Things to Know: Keith Haring

Explore the life and work of this artist and activist


Tokyo Futures

Tomohiro Masuda reports on Tokyo Futures, the first day of Transnational Cities: Tokyo and London, which looked at Tokyo as ...


Transnational London

Michelle Lim reports on Transnational London, the second day of Transnational Cities: Tokyo and London, which looked at the various ...


Gender in Chinese Contemporary Art

Sophie Guo reports on an international symposium which explored the role gender has played in Chinese contemporary art. The symposium ...


Love, Friendship and Rivalry: the women beside the men in early surrealism

Explore the work of Leonora Carrington, Dorothea Tanning and Frida Kahlo

Tate Etc

In Focus: Edward with clock, off Cheshire Street Market, London 1983

Marketa Luskacova

The photographer reflects on the changing city as seen in one of her works


Five common questions about the Turner Prize

We answer some of your questions about Britain's best-known contemporary art award


In Conversation with Jesse Darling

The Art Now artist talks to us about their motivation, inspiration and what they feel about art today

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Portfolio: Rotimi Fani-Kayode – Desire In Exile

Mark Sealy

Rotimi Fani-Kayode arrived in Brighton aged 11 in 1966, having fled Nigeria’s civil war. After coming out as gay, he ...


Inclusive Futures

September 2018 – August 2019

A research initiative exploring inclusion, knowledge production and change-making within Tate

Tate Etc

The Strange World of Edward Burne-Jones

Alison Smith

Edward Burne-Jones was a key figure in the art world of the 19th century whose work suffused familiar stories from ...

Exhibition Guide

Anni Albers

Find out more about our exhibition at Tate Modern

Student Resource

L is for Living Cities

A self-led resource to help you and your group discover the Living Cities display at Tate Modern

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In the Archive: Messages to our Mums

Daisy Johnson

The writer visits the Tate Archive and discovers a project by Yoko Ono that gathered hundreds of people’s intimate homages ...

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My encounters with Anni Albers

Sheila Hicks

‘I don't think I understood her work back then, but now I have a better notion of what it was ...

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Anni Albers: Weaving Magic

Briony Fer

As a student at the Bauhaus in Germany in the early 1920s, Anni Albers found artistic freedom in the weaving ...

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Anni Albers’s quiet force

Duro Olowu

‘The passing of time has allowed her to be understood as the great and prolific artist she was; a quiet ...

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Connecting with Anni Albers

Leonor Antunes

‘It's rare to see an artist that has done so much research into an area and yet is able to ...