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Kenneth Armitage’s Pandarus (version 8)

Toby Treves

This paper concentrates on the making and meaning of Kenneth Armitage Pandarus (version 8) 1963, which was recently presented to …

Tate Papers

New Media Art and the Gallery in the Digital Age

Charlie Gere

This paper examines some the changes that digital technology has wrought upon conceptions of space, time and culture, and how …

Tate Papers

Paintings on Canvas: Lining and Alternatives

Stephen Hackney

This paper catalogues major changes in attitude during the last thirty years to conservation practice for the treatment of degraded …

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Judd through Oldenburg

Richard Shiff

In his critical writing on Claes Oldenburg during the 1960s Donald Judd explained how emotional content might be conveyed through …

Tate Papers

The Materials Used by British Oil Painters in the Nineteenth Century

Joyce H. Townsend

This paper reviews existing literature on nineteenth-century British artists’ materials. Sources of information, such as colourmen’s archives, artists’ diaries and …

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Contemporary Art and the Role of Interpretation

Helen Charman and Michaela Ross

Recent research indicates that the taught curriculum in art and design secondary school education pays scant attention to meaning-making in …

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Architecture and the Sixties: still radical after all these years

Lynne Cooke and Rem Koolhaas

The Art and the 60s: This Was Tomorrow exhibition broke new ground for Tate Britain by mixing fine art, architecture …

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The precarious museum: Display

Alfred Pacquement

In May 2004 Thomas Hirschhorn set up a makeshift museum – the Musée Précaire Albinet – in a Paris suburb. …

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Seven faces of the art vandal

Brian Dillon

From the suffragette who took a cleaver to Velázquez’s Rokeby Venus in the National Gallery in 1914 to the outraged …

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I think if we are to do beautiful pictures, we ought to be free from family conventions and ties

Virginia Ironside and David Fraser Jenkins

Gwen and Augustus John

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Into the groove: Behind the curtain

Paul Farley

In his second visit to the Tate archive, Paul Farley discovers the delights of old vinyl

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What are you looking at?: The female gaze

Gilda Williams

What are you looking at? Gilda Williams casts an eye over the photographic works of four female artists: Vanessa Beecroft, …

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Tropical fusion: Beatriz Milhazes

Adriano Pedrosa

In the Studio: Adriano Pedrosa visits Beatriz Milhazes

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Where there's life, there's...: George Frederic Watts's 'Hope'

Paul Barlow

Paul Barlow looks at George Frederic Watts’s Hope

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Tate Etc. issue 2: Autumn 2004

Tate Etc. issue 2; Autumn 2004; Tate's magazine, online version of Tate's magazine

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Sound waves: Bruce Nauman

Robert Storr

Language has been a key element in Bruce Nauman’s work. For the fifth in The Unilever Series of commissions for …

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MicroTate 2

Jennifer Wiseman , Neal Brown , Lisa Appignanesi and Paul Noble

Contemporary reflections on a work in the Tate collection

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Another time, another space

Mark Godfrey

Mark Godfrey on the shifting notions of time and space in recent film and video

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The Sun is God: J.M.W. Turner

Paul Pfeiffer

New York-based video artist Paul Pfeiffer explains how J.M.W. Turner’s painting Light and Colour (Goethe’s Theory) – The Morning after …

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Criticism trouvé: Michael Landy

Arthur Smith

Arthur Smith hangs around at Michael Landy’s Semi-detached