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Tate Papers

Cy Twombly’s Humanist Upbringing

Carol A. Nigro

In the United States postmodern scepticism often has relegated Cy Twombly’s engagement with classical and humanist themes to nostalgia ...

Tate Papers

On the Evolution of a Peer-led Programmme: Tate Forum

Rebecca Sinker

This paper reflects on the development of Tate Forum, Tate Britain’s peer-led youth group (established 2002), drawing on interviews ...

Tate Papers

Time-Lines: Rilke and Twombly on the Nile

Mary Jacobus

Cy Twombly’s remark that ‘lines have a great effect on painting’ resonates not only with his graphic practice but ...

Tate Papers

Andrei Tarkovsky and Contemporary Art: Medium and Mediation

Robert Bird

The rediscovery of the Soviet film director Andrei Tarkovsky (1932–1986) as an artist in the cinema allows us to ...

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Of redemption and damnation: Mark Rothko I

Carter Ratcliff

Rothko believed he was "producing an art that would last for 1,000 years". It was a sentiment that was ...

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The whispering Zeitgeist: Caspar David Friedrich

Beat Wyss

The image of a monk standing by an empty sea soon became an icon of German Romanticism. However, in the ...

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Simon Grant interviews Robert Morris

Simon Grant1 and Robert Morris

Robert Morris (born 1931) has been variously involved in the development of Land art, performance, installation as well as being ...

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'It Is not a lasso, an arabesque, nor a piece of spaghetti': Lucio Fontana

Francesca Pasini

Fontana saw his work as a classic representation of what he called “a spatial environment” and described it as “a ...

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The school of life: Education

Sophie Howarth

From the 1960s there has been a series of radical organisations aiming to revolutionise educational practice, including Joseph Beuys’s Free ...

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Landscapes of the mind: Mark Rothko II

Brice Marden

Simon Grant talks to Brice Marden about his enduring fascination with Rothko’s paintings.

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The sharks begin eating the fish

Peter Campus

Peter Campus talks to Tate Etc. about his recent work

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Tate Etc. issue 14: Autumn 2008

Tate Etc. Issue 14: Autumn 2008 full contents, online edition of Tate's magazine
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The expansive lens: In conversation

Peter Campus , Douglas Gordon and David A. Ross

Peter Campus was one of the first artists to explore the formal possibilities of film and video technology. Douglas Gordon ...

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The transcendence of the image: Leonora Carrington

Lucy Skaer

A visit to the Tate not only prompts a journey to track down the Surrealist painter Leonora Carringotn at her ...

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Playing the system: Cildo Meireles II

Mark Godfrey

Mark Godfrey asks three artists to describe projects in which they have adopted the strategy of insertion, using Meireles's ...

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MicroTate 14

Heimo Zobernig , Tim Lee , David Shrigley and Kay Rosen

Heimo Zobernig, Tim Lee, David Shrigley and Kay Rosen on Tate Collection works Tate Etc. issue 14
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Material language: Cildo Meireles I

Cildo Meireles and Frederico Morais

The Brazilian artist is regarded as one of the leading figures in the development of conceptual art. In works that ...

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My dearest Clive...: Behind the curtain

Tishani Doshi

Inspired by her mother’s love letters to her father, Tishani Doshi reads the moving correspondence in the Tate archive between ...

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Immerse yourself: Dominique Gonzalez-Foerster

Penelope Curtis

Since the early 1990s Dominique Gonzalez-Foerster has created installations and interactive environments in which she evokes an atmospheric, yet often ...

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Eleanora Louis

Eleanora Louis looks at the history of the Vienna Secession.