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Tate Etc

Messages from a master: Hans Holbein

Michel Onfray , Jenny Uglow , Chuck Close , George Carey and Derek Wilson

To coincide with Holbein in England at Tate Britain, five contributors respond to the work of the artist. Michel Onfray ...

Tate Etc

Making a horse with dad: David Smith II

Rebecca Smith

David Smith was best known for his large, muscular sculptures, but also had a vivid interest in contemporary dance. Here ...

Tate Etc

Sympathetic magic: Behind the curtain

John Burnside

In his first visit to the Tate archive, John Burnside communes with the paintbox of Paul Nash

Tate Etc

Tate Etc. issue 8: Autumn 2006

Tate Etc. issue 8; autumn 2006; online version of Tate's magazine
Tate Etc

The way things went: Fischli/Weiss III

Patrick Frey

The diverse body of work created by the Fischli/Weiss collaboration ranges from polyurethane trompe l’oeil buckets to films ...

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Dances with sculpture: David Smith

Deborah Jowitt

The American artist David Smith was best known for his large muscular sculptures –  the product of heavy welding and much ...

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Set in Stonehenge: Carl Andre

Raymond Baxter

Carl Andre’s uncle reveals how a trip to the English countryside to visit his relatives in the 1950s inspired Carl ...

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Looking through the Large Glass: Marcel Duchamp in England

Jeremy Millar

Marcel Duchamp spent a few weeks of 1913 in Herne Bay in north Kent. Jeremy Millar gives an insight into ...

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More than surreal: Leonora Carrington

Ali Smith

Two drawings by the underrated artist Leonora Carrington, purchased by Tate, go on display at Tate Modern for the first ...

Tate Papers

Tate Papers no.5: Spring 2006

Tate Papers no.5, Spring 2006 edition, featuring John Constable, Frances Hodgkins, Marcel Duchamp and Walter Sickert
Tate Papers

A Lively Parrot: Frances Hodgkins's Wings Over Water

Joyce H. Townsend and Sarah Hillary

It is most likely that Frances Hodgkins (1869–1947) began the painting Wings over Water in Bodinnick, Cornwall, in 1931 ...

Tate Papers

'Poor abraded butterflies of the stage': Sickert and the Brighton Pierrots

Nicola Moorby

Sickert's interest in popular entertainment extended beyond the London music-hall and his 1915 painting Brighton Pierrots depicts a troupe ...

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Black moods

Gabriel Ramin Schor

Gabriel Ramin Schor surveys the dark passages of black’s meaning and how artists have used it in their work.

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Prisoners of love: Early bondage

James Hall

English visual art contains a wealth of bondage imagery, particularly from Aubrey Beardsley, the master of the whiplash line. James ...

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The edge of England: John Constable

Lavinia Greenlaw

Poet Lavinia Greenlaw pens a poem on Constable inspired by a visit to the ruins of Hadleigh Castle, Kent.

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MicroTate 7

Kathy Prendergast , Antony Penrose , Tal R and Ian Kiaer

Contemporary reflections on a work in the Tate collection

Tate Papers

Military Avoidance: Marcel Duchamp and the 'Jura-Paris Road'

Kieran Lyons

The essay traces military relationships in the work of Marcel Duchamp (1887–1968), paying particular attention to his notes of ...

Tate Etc

We have mail: Behind the curtain

Lawrence Norfolk

In his third visit to the Tate archive, Lawrence Norfolk explores a movement that used post as its medium.