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Tate Etc

You can kiss a Lichtenstein, but you can't kiss us

John-Paul Stonard

Etc. Essay: European Pop Art

Tate Etc

Nancy Holt and Robert Smithson in England, 1969

Simon Grant1 and Nancy Holt

Notes from an ancient island

Tate Etc

The supernatural powers of plywood: Tate Modern Display

Valentina Ravaglia

Mike Kelley’s Channel One, Channel Two and Channel Three 1994, now on display at Tate Modern, is a potent ...

Tate Etc

Mexican encounters: Tate Acquisition I

Melanie Smith

Melanie Smith’s video Xilitla, which focuses on Edward James’s extraordinary gothic Mexican garden Las Pozas de Xilitla, was ...

Tate Etc

‘One’s creative imagination was set free’

Allen Jones

Lichtenstein: A Retrospective at Tate Modern III

Tate Etc

The emotional gaze: Sylvia Sleigh at Tate Liverpool

Francesco Manacorda

Sylvia Sleigh (1916–2010) was a Welsh-born realist painter who spent much of her life in New York with her ...

Tate Etc

Stories from El-Salahi's garden: Ibrahim El-Salahi at Tate Modern

Hassan Musa

The Sudanese artist Ibrahim El-Salahi (born 1930) is a significant figure in African and Arab modernism, whose work reflects a ...

Tate Etc

David Des Granges's The Saltonstall Family

Liadin Cooke

Tate Etc. at Tate Britain / Artists' Perspectives

Tate Etc

Nature, buildings and people: Harry Callahan at Tate Modern

Shoair Mavlian

Despite being regarded as one of the most influential figures in post-war photography, Harry Callahan's work is little known ...

Tate Etc

Seung-Taek Lee's Godret Stone, 1958: Recent aquisitions

Sook-Kyung Lee

Tate Etc. looks at a recent acquisition, currently on view at Tate Modern

Tate Etc

Veils of perfection: The EY Exhibition: Late Turner - Painting Set Free

The Swiss mountain known as the Rigi, overlooking Lake Lucerne and its surrounding valleys, was a subject to which Turner ...

Tate Etc

New acquisitions take a bow: Nam June Paik at Tate Modern

Works by South Korean artist Naim June Paik go on display at Tate Modern

Tate Etc

Points of Memory: A timeline of Conflict, Time, Photography at Tate Modern

To mark Armistice Day 2014, we invite you to view a selection of photographs, of scenes touched by conflict and ...

Tate Etc

Beatriz Milhazes on Matisse

For issue 31 of Tate Etc., we asked three contemporary artists to talk about their personal fascination with Henri Matisse ...

Tate Etc

Not dripping, but pouring: Jackson Pollock: Blind Spots

We know about his ‘drip’ paintings that continue to both puzzle and delight viewers, but late in his career Jackson ...

Tate Etc

Behind the Curtain: Gangsters of the New Freedom

Holly Pester

Documents on the 1960s radical anti-art activist group King Mob spark the interest of one visitor to the Tate Archive

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First Encounters with Rauschenberg: Richard Wentworth

Richard Wentworth

Richard Wentworth relives teenage memories from the early 1960s when he visited an extraordinary exhibition by Robert Rauschenberg in London’s ...

Tate Etc

Private View: Sam Riviere on Eduardo Paolozzi

Sam Riviere

Sam Riviere remembers Eduardo Paolozzi’s mosaics at Tottenham Court Road station, a gateway to both the city and the ...

Tate Etc

Let's Do It Together

Vincent Katz

To coincide with the retrospective exhibition of influential American artist Robert Rauschenberg (1925–2008) – whose six-decade career spanned painting, sculpture ...

Tate Etc

Alistair Hudson on art for social change: Opinion

Alistair Hudson

It is time to rethink traditional orthodoxies of art, says Alistair Hudson, and embrace the idea that it should reflect ...