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Tate Etc

Opinion: Art and Nature

John-Paul Stonard

Art can only ever express the distance between humans and the natural world

Tate Etc

Lives of the Artists: Angelica Kauffman

Martin Myrone

Reflecting on the life of the Swiss neo-classical painter who became one of the first members of the Royal Academy ...


Five Ways Christian Marclay’s The Clock does more than just tell the time

Learn about the award-winning video installation and why it is more than just a timepiece

Tate Papers

Developing the Practitioner-Researcher Within the Art Museum

Emily Pringle

This paper sets out to explore how research functions in the art museum, and whether our understanding of research and ...

Tate Etc

Patrick Heron: A Life of Many Dimensions

Katharine Heron and Susanna Heron

Patrick Heron's daughters celebrate some lesser-known aspects of the painter's life and work

Tate Papers

Tate Papers

Tate Papers is Tate's online peer-reviewed research journal
In the Gallery

A Queer Walk Through British Art

Discover queer responses to our collection at Tate Britain, curated by members of the LGBTQ+ community at Tate and beyond

Tate Papers

Documentation and the Information of Art

Marc Kosciejew

This article outlines a documentary approach to the study of artistic practice, focusing on the ways in which information is ...

Exhibition Guide

Exhibition guide: Life in Motion

Find out more about our exhibition at Tate Liverpool

Press Release

Anni Albers

5 Jun 2018
Exhibition Guide

Aftermath: Art in the Wake of World War One

Find out more about our exhibition at Tate Britain

Tate Papers

Tate Papers no.29: Spring 2018

This issue features two groupings of papers on very different subjects: one is devoted to the work of the nineteenth-century ...

Tate Papers

John Gibson and the Anglo-Italian Sculpture Market in Rome: Letters, Sketches and Marble

Alison Yarrington

John Gibson established a hugely successful sculpture studio in Rome, and despite strong reasons to return to London, such as ...

Tate Papers

Diffractive Analysis: Embodied Encounters in Contemporary Artistic Video Practice

Amba Sayal-Bennett

This paper details how diffractive analysis, a practice-based research methodology combining methods from art practice, art history and cultural studies ...

Tate Papers

Socially Engaged Art and Affective Pedagogy: A Study in Inter-Faith Understanding

Anna Hickey-Moody and Mia Harrison

This essay examines a contemporary arts project that was designed to increase understanding of different beliefs between children from a ...

Tate Papers

The 1957 Rehang of Tate’s Modern British Gallery: Displaying the Contemporary ‘British School’ in the Context of John Rothenstein’s Later Career

Michael Clegg

When Tate’s modern British galleries reopened, refurbished and rehung, in 1957, the gallery’s Director John Rothenstein was entering ...

Tate Etc

London 1968: The Poster Workshop

Alexander Peter Dukes

One of the founders looks back at the brief but prolific output of the Poster Workshop in London’s Camden Town

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