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Who's That Girl?

Sirkka-Liisa Konttinen

Sirkka-Liisa Konttinen is finally reunited with the girl who appears in her captivating photograph Girl on a Spacehopper (Byker) taken ...

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First Encounters with Rauschenberg: Mark Bradford

Mark Bradford

The Los Angeles-based artist Mark Bradford, who represents his country at the 2017 Venice Biennale and is known as much ...

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Action féminine: Valentine de Saint-Point

Adrien Sina and Sarah Wilson

Action Féminine: Adrien Sina and Sarah Wilson on Valentine de Saint-Point in Tate Etc. magazine

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A careful concoction of 'push' and 'pull': Glenn Brown

Rochelle Steiner and Alison Gingeras

On the eve of Glenn Brown's solo exhibition at Tate Liverpool, Rochelle Steiner and Alison Gingeras talk about the ...

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Something borrowed, something new: René Magritte I

Neil Matheson

Magritte’s particular style of Surrealism, to be explored in a new show at Tate Liverpool, has become a favourite ...

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Modernists don't die in Ambleside: Schwitters in Britain at Tate Britain

Paul Farley

Was this the same Kurt Schwitters, founder of Merz, collaborator with Dadaists, Cubists and Constructivists, who won first, second and ...

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Sculpture and the scalpel: Barbara Hepworth: The Hospital Drawings

Barbara Hepworth

Many of us are familiar with Barbara Hepworth’s drawings of surgeons and staff in operating theatres, which were done ...

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A liberation from the ordinary: Peter Fraser at Tate St Ives

John Burnside

A basket of crayons, a colourful conch, a pile of berries, two blue buckets on the floor. Peter Fraser’s ...

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The first abstract artist? (And it's not Kandinsky): Focus: Hilma Af Klint

Julia Voss

Wassily Kandinsky is generally regarded as the pioneer of abstract art. However, a Swedish woman called Hilma af Klint (1862 ...

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WOW!: Lichtenstein: A Retrospective at Tate Modern II

Nathan Dunne

Whaam! has been described as one of the most powerful monuments of 1960s Pop Art, and remains one of Tate ...

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Television turns on itself: Gretchen Bender at Tate Liverpool

An exhibition of works by Gretchen Bender, the first ever in the UK, goes on display at Tate Liverpool from ...

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How art changed my life

Raphael Oyelade

Art galleries and museums, as well as policy makers and educationalists, often talk about the need to encourage new young ...

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On the home front: Recent Acquisition: Margaret Harrison

Margaret Harrison

The pioneering feminist artist talks to Tate Etc.’s Mariko Finch about her 1977 piece Homeworkers, a politically potent work ...

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Lives of the Artists: Nigel Henderson

Louis Henderson

Louis Henderson on how the work of his great uncle, Nigel Henderson (1917–1985), still haunts the present

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Damien Hirst at Tate Modern: The artist in conversation

Michael Bracewell

Since he was a young teenager, Damien Hirst has enjoyed visiting Tate. From his early fascination with William Blake to ...

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Welcome to his situation...: Tino Sehgal's Turbine Hall commission

Arthur Lubow

The work of the British-born German artist Tino Sehgal exists solely as a set of choreographed gestures and spoken instructions ...

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In the heat of the moment: Private View

Phyllida Barlow

‘I cannot work it out. I cannot resolve it. It is always different.’ An abstract sculpture of interlocking forged iron ...

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Life transformed into the theatrical: Chagall at Tate Liverpool

A forthcoming exhibition at Tate Liverpool focuses on how Marc Chagall combined the Jewish folkloric painterly roots of his native ...

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Out of the light, into the shadows: Tate Etc. Essay: Photograms

Jonathan Griffin

The photogram is an image made without a camera by placing an object directly on to the surface of a ...

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Into the light: The EY Exhibition: Late Turner - Painting Set Free

Jonathan P Watts

The work of J.M.W. Turner has influenced a wide range of cinematographers, filmmakers and artists working with film ...