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More than the art world can tolerate: Otto Muehl's Manopsychotic Ballet

Philip Ursprung

Why was Otto Meuhl's 1970 performance Manopsychotic Ballet forgotten?

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Interview: Steve McQueen Q&A

Artist Steve McQueen talks about his award-winning first feature film Hunger, the story of IRA hunger striker Bobby Sands

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Experimental fields of light and shadow: Light projections in The Tanks

Lucy Reynolds

For many centuries artists have been fascinated by the magical, visceral power of projected light as action, as a performative …

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Style matters: Alex Katz in conversation

Martin Clark

The artistic director of Tate St Ives visited one of America’s most respected artists working today, in his New York …

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It's all about the process

Doug Aitken and Sook-Kyung Lee

Doug Aitken at Tate Liverpool – The American artist has created his first public realm installation in the UK, featuring …

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Guernica... In a car showroom?

Helen Little

Picasso and Modern British Art at Tate Britain III

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MicroTate 24

Sarah Martin , Simon Martin , Brian Muelaner and Steven Claydon

Microtate: Sarah Martin, Simon Martin, Brian Muelaner and Steven Claydon reflect on a work in the Tate Collection

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The ambiguous pleasures of Puritanism: William Scott at Tate St Ives

David Anfam

William Scott (1913–1989) is known for his still lifes, landscapes and nudes produced over a 60-year period. A friend of …

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MicroTate 27

Caterina Albano , Hong Ling , Rosa Barba and Henry Holland

Caterina Albano, Hong Ling, Rosa Barba and Henry Holland reflect on works in the Tate collection, including a recent purchase …

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J.M.W. Turner's Colour Trials 1791

Shirana Shahbazi and Raphael Montañez Ortíz

Tate Etc. at Tate Britain / Artists' Perspectives

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'He could be great fun, but he could be awful': Lowry at Tate Britain I

Simon Marshall

A friend of L.S. Lowry in the 1960s remembers the artist and his cheeky sense of humour

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The world in twelve rooms: Meschac Gaba at Tate Modern

Simon Njami

The Beninese artist Meschac Gaba (born 1961) took five years to create his twelve-room installation, the Museum of Contemporary African …

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Time to fill in the blanks: Ellen Gallagher at Tate Modern

Theaster Gates

The American artist Ellen Gallagher (born 1965) draws from a wide range of sources including music, myth, science fiction, literature, …

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'He lived on another sphere, and made most people feel too normal, less poetic than he was'

Nicholas Fox-Weber

The EY Exhibition – Paul Klee: Making Visible at Tate Modern

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MicroTate 28

Dor Guez and Milovan Farronato

Dor Guez and Milovan Farronato take a detail from a work in the Tate collection as a starting point for …

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Powerfully lonely

Matthew Green

The author of a forthcoming alternative history of London finds echoes of writers past in a post-futurist landscape inspired by …

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MicroTate 39

Mai-Thu Perret , Paul Kingsnorth , Dimitris Daskalopoulos and Justin Fitzpatrick

Four new responses to works in the Tate collection

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Hockney's World of Pictures

Martin Gayford

David Hockney (b.1937) remains one of the most celebrated and popular British artists of the 20th century. For more than …

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First Encounters with Rauschenberg: Mark Bradford

Mark Bradford

The Los Angeles-based artist Mark Bradford, who represents his country at the 2017 Venice Biennale and is known as much …