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The Upper Room: A Study of Materials and Stability

Natasha Walker and Joyce H. Townsend

Chris Ofili’s The Upper Room 1999–2002 consists of thirteen paintings displayed within a specially designed and carefully lit ...

Tate Papers

The 1957 Rehang of Tate’s Modern British Gallery: Displaying the Contemporary ‘British School’ in the Context of John Rothenstein’s Later Career

Michael Clegg

When Tate’s modern British galleries reopened, refurbished and rehung, in 1957, the gallery’s Director John Rothenstein was entering ...

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New Voices: Face Mask

Sharlene Teo

From our deepest insecurities to our darkest desires, the face tells it all

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Diffractive Analysis: Embodied Encounters in Contemporary Artistic Video Practice

Amba Sayal-Bennett

This paper details how diffractive analysis, a practice-based research methodology combining methods from art practice, art history and cultural studies ...

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Developing the Practitioner-Researcher Within the Art Museum

Emily Pringle

This paper sets out to explore how research functions in the art museum, and whether our understanding of research and ...

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Museum Studies as Critical Praxis: Developing an Active Approach to Teaching, Research and Practice

Oonagh Murphy

This article argues that museum studies as an academic discipline needs to take a more active approach to effecting change ...

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Documentation and the Information of Art

Marc Kosciejew

This article outlines a documentary approach to the study of artistic practice, focusing on the ways in which information is ...

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Socially Engaged Art and Affective Pedagogy: A Study in Inter-Faith Understanding

Anna Hickey-Moody and Mia Harrison

This essay examines a contemporary arts project that was designed to increase understanding of different beliefs between children from a ...

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Aftermath: Confronting Oblivion

Joanna Bourke

How British, German, Belgian and French artists expressed the psychological fallout of the First World War

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John Gibson and the Anglo-Italian Sculpture Market in Rome: Letters, Sketches and Marble

Alison Yarrington

John Gibson established a hugely successful sculpture studio in Rome, and despite strong reasons to return to London, such as ...

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Via della Fontanella 4: John Gibson’s Workshop in Rome

Anna Frasca-Rath

The studio of John Gibson was one of the largest workshops in Rome during the artist’s lifetime, serving as ...

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‘Men thinking, and women tranquil’: John Gibson’s Portraiture Practice

Roberto C. Ferrari and M.G. Sullivan

The sculptor John Gibson was a vocal critic of the genre of portraiture, and pitched his reputation around his classical ...

Press Release

Magic Realism: Art in Weimar Germany: 1919 - 1933

11 May 2018

30 July 2018 - 14 July 2019
Tate Modern

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Lynn Hershman Leeson: Avatar

Michelle Kuo

For the past five decades, the American artist and filmmaker has continually tested the boundaries between real and virtual identities ...

Tate Papers

John Gibson’s Friendship with Charles Eastlake and its Importance in Securing Gibson’s Reputation in London

Susanna Avery-Quash

This article traces the fifty-year friendship between John Gibson and the artist and writer Charles Eastlake. It focuses on their ...

Tate Etc

Tate Etc. issue 43: Summer 2018

Online articles from Tate Etc. magazine featuring Egon Schiele, Francesca Woodman, William Kentridge, Lynn Hershman Leeson, and much more
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Francesca Woodman: Vanishing Act

Deborah Levy

Francesca Woodman's ghostly photographs show her on the verge of disappearance

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Egon Schiele: Crazier Than I Look?

Gemma Blackshaw

Egon Schiele's self-portraits have often been regarded as the works of a tortured, introspective artist, but this notion blinds us ...

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Shape of Light: Through the Lens of Abstraction

Barbara Kasten

The American photographer pays homage to the modernist practitioners who have influenced her


Nine Ways Artists responded to the First World War

We take a look at some of the ways in which artists dealt with and reflected on the horrific consequences ...