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Wood engraving

A printmaking method distinct from woodcut in that the line is incised into the woodblock, rather than the background being …

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Extraordinary scenes of beautifully arranged horrible wilderness

Briony Llewellyn

British Orientalist Painting

Student Resource

Diary Coursework Guide

From sketchbooks to video diaries and the everyday to big life events, explore how artists use diaries to record the …

Exhibition Guide

Red Star Over Russia: A revolution in visual culture 1905–55

2017 marks the centenary of the October Revolution. This exhibition explores the visual culture that emerged in its wake

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His brilliant final chapter: Henri Matisse: The Cut-Outs

Nicholas Cullinan

The forthcoming exhibition of Henri Matisse’s ground-breaking paper cut-outs, made between 1943 and 1954, is the most comprehensive to date. …

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Behind the Curtain: Gangsters of the New Freedom

Holly Pester

Documents on the 1960s radical anti-art activist group King Mob spark the interest of one visitor to the Tate Archive

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Photographer, writer and self-styled 'cultural sniper'

Patrizia Di Bello

Jo Spence at Tate Britain

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The elemental photographer: August Strindberg

Clément Chéroux

August Strindberg (1849–1912) was a celebrated playwright, novelist and poet, whose  writing was often filled with his own sense of …

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In the Archive: Donald Rodney's ‘Splash Crowns’

Ishion Hutchinson

Examining the powerful symbolism found in a sketchbook made by Donald Rodney while he was in hospital suffering from sickle-cell …

Tate Papers

‘Waste Dominion’, ‘White Warfare’, and Antarctic Modernism

Mark Rawlinson

This paper considers the historical coincidence of modernism and the heroic age of Antarctic exploration. In particular, it contextualises allusions …

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Surrealism in Egypt: ‘Long Live Degenerate Art’

Clare Davies

The Art and Liberty group was active in Cairo from the late 1930s to the mid-1940s, a time of political …

In Focus

In Focus Interview with Sarah Turner

Researching Henri Gaudier-Brzeska's 'Wrestlers'

Exhibition Guide

Room Guide: Giacometti

Read the room guide for this exhibition

In Focus

Contested Comparisons: Franz Kline and Japanese Calligraphy

Eugenia Bogdanova-Kummer

Essay by Eugenia Bogdanova-Kummer for In Focus study by AnnMarie Perl on Meryon 1960–1 by Franz Kline, a Tate Research …

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Madman or Master?: The EY Exhibition: Late Turner - Painting Set Free

David Blayney Brown

We celebrate the artist’s extraordinary last 16 years, when his colour was most vivid, his handling boldest and his imagination more …

Look Closer

The Art of Louise Bourgeois

Home, family, sexuality and mortality ... find out about the powerful themes behind Bourgeois's art


Archives & Access project: Artist Rabab Ghazoul and Welsh choirs bring new voices to Josef Herman’s archive

Sally Davies, Learning Outreach Curator for Archives and Access, speaks to artist Rabab Ghazoul about her work on the Mining …


Interview with Helen Charash about the life and work of her late sister Eva Hesse

Simon Grant1

Eva Hesse (1936–1970) was born into a Jewish family in Hamburg. Aged only two, she and her five year old …