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John Hoyland, ‘When Time Began (Mysteries 11) 15.11.10’ 2010
John Hoyland, When Time Began (Mysteries 11) 15.11.10 2010. Tate. © The John Hoyland Estate

Explore works that chart the artist’s search for a way of painting that is true, authentic and questioning

I’m drawn to paintings that overwhelm and mystify me
John Hoyland

In the early 1960s Hoyland’s abstract paintings were celebrated for their impressive scale and simplicity of form. However, his later career cannot be characterised in this way. Instead, from the late 1960s Hoyland believed in painting’s power to bring together complexities of composition, colour-relations and handling of paint while also communicating emotion.

Painting, for Hoyland, ‘is very much an extension of one’s interior self. If you can get the painting to be a true extension of the way you feel – physically and mentally, all the emotions – if you can make that concrete, then you’ve got this authentic thing. You can’t hide anything in a painting.’

Curated by Andrew Wilson


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