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Zarina Bhimji: Lead White Until 2 June 2019

Main Floor

Copyright Zarina Bhimji courtesy DACS.

Zarina Bhimji is an artist who works across a broad range of practices, engaging with cultural and social politics, light and colour

Lead White is an installation of photographs and textiles. Its title – the name of a white pigment used in painting until the nineteenth century – is a metaphor for the painterly feeling of the work.

The photographs draw upon the extensive research that Bhimji conducted for her earlier film installations. Her approach is to gather impressions and images, studying visual materials to look at gestures, traces and shadows. She then strips away references to specific events or locations to reveal a broader meaning. That process of erasure and removing information is central to the works shown here.

The embroideries add a new element to Bhimji’s work. She has compared their multi-layered quality to the way she uses sound in her films, creating an effect that is poetic and evocative. Bhimji sees Lead White as an investigation into the nature of archives in general. What is their purpose? Are they a reflection of the people who created them? How do they reflect society today?

Zarina Bhimji 1/2 d, white (detail) 2018 © Zarina Bhimji

Zarina Bhimji 1/2 d, white (detail) 2018 © Zarina Bhimji

Curated by Kate Bush and Sofia Karamani


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