a film still of an ocean

The Otolith Group Hydra Decapita 2010 (film still). Copyright and courtesy of the artists.

The Otolith Group: Hydra Decapita

Hydra Decapita

The Otolith Group, Hydra Decapita  2010

Hydra Decapita 2010 is a colour film shot in High Definition lasting just over thirty-one minutes and shown as a projection. It exists in an edition of five plus one artists’ proof; this copy is number two in the main edition. The film is centred on the work of Detroit-based techno music duo Drexciya. Drexciya, which was active from 1992–2002, consisted of James Stinson and Gerald Donald. In opposition to mainstream musicians of the time, Drexciya rejected the cult of personality and excess that surrounded the techno scene and instead focused on the conceptual and political. Afro-futurist theories were central to their practice and most notably in their album ‘The Quest’ (1997), where it was revealed that Drexciya was a submerged underwater country that was populated by the unborn children of pregnant women who were thrown overboard during the middle passage of slave ships across the Atlantic.

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Hydra Decapita
The Otolith Group Hydra Decapita 2010