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David Bomberg, ‘In the Hold’ c.1913–14
David Bomberg, In the Hold c.1913–14. Tate. © Tate

Uncover 1910-1930, one of the most contested periods in art

What comes across from all of these great works is a great sense of energy, of artistic change and of dynamism, as Britain becomes modernised and the centre of an empire. Curator Chris Stephens

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This was a period of extraordinary change, when modern art was fighting with the academic. Two opposing artistic approaches were current at the beginning of the period – on the one hand, the forceful imagery of the Futurists, and on the other, a quieter, more intimate vision.

These were also years of unrest; suffragettes fought for the rights of women, workers went on strike and the First World War had a huge impact. The divide between rich and poor grew, but measures were also introduced laying the foundations of the modern-day welfare state.

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