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Peter Blake, ‘Self-Portrait with Badges’ 1961
Peter Blake, Self-Portrait with Badges 1961. Tate. © Peter Blake 2019. All rights reserved, DACS

Explore 1960–1970, a decade of tremendous change in society and art

This room brings together artists of three different generations with quite different agendas, making different forms of art. Curator Chris Stephens
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The sixties was a boom time and the energy and optimism of the decade is clearly reflected in the art on display in this room. New subjects were being painted by figurative artists, and there were exciting new approaches to abstraction.

Pop art, which had emerged in the 1950s, flourished in the 1960s, drawing its inspiration from sources in popular and commercial culture. The decade also saw the appearance of a new thing called conceptual art, with artists using video for the first time and experimenting with performance.

But despite the youthful spirit of the decade, not all the artworks here are by young artists. Three generations of artists are united, uncovering unexpected relationships and conversations between the different works.


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