Clore Learning Centre

Come and play, or take a break from the gallery, in this free space designed just for families

The Clore Learning Centre will be closed between 27 January - 4 February 2020 whilst we transform this space. Come back on 5 February to see what's new!

Opening times

Monday to Sunday 10.00–17.00

Tate Liverpool, Royal Albert Dock Liverpool, Liverpool L3 4BB

© Tate Liverpool (Roger Sinek)

Welcome to the Clore Learning Centre.


You'll find our free family space on the first floor. This part of the gallery is designed especially for families. It's a great place to play, dance, relax, talk and have fun! We change the walls, the green screen and the activities regularly so it links to our exhibitions.

Our current family space is designed by artist Jim Medway. Play with the magnets on the board, which feature drawings and see your reflections in different coloured mirrors.

From 5 February 2020 this space will be inspired by our Theaster Gates: Amalgam exhibition. Designed by artist Sarah Marsh, the activities will encourage you to see your conversations as sculptures.

Play with the materials as you talk and see what sculptures you create. Mold, bend, squash and straighten the objects. Do the shapes you create change depending on your conversations? What does your sculpture look like when you're talking about a joyful subject? What do you make if you talk about something in detail?

Feel the different weights of the materials; each of them have different scents and textures. Try wrapping the bendy lines around your body or lie underneath the weighted lines.

Share your sculpture photos with us on social media by tagging @tateliverpool

The Clore Learning Centre

© Tate Liverpool (Roger Sinek)

Child playing in the Clore Learning Centre

© Tate Liverpool (Roger Sinek)

Child playing in the Clore Learning Centre

© Tate Liverpool (Roger Sinek)

Child playing in the Clore Learning Centre

© Tate Liverpool (Roger Sinek)

Dream Screen

Step into our green screen and take a photo of yourself using the different materials and costumes. Share your photos using the hashtag #TateDreamScreen.

Tate green screen

© Tate Liverpool (Robin Clewley)

Green screen

© Tate Livepool (Robin Clewley)

Opening times

Monday to Sunday 10.00–17.00


Level 1, through the exhibition space.

Tate Liverpool
Royal Albert Dock Liverpool
Liverpool L3 4BB
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