Clore Learning Centre

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Opening times

Sunday to Thursday 10.00–18.00

Friday to Saturday 10.00–22.00

Tate Modern, Bankside, London SE1 9TG

The Clore Welcome Room, Tate Modern

The Clore Learning Centre offers participants hands on experiences with art, providing opportunities to make, construct, contribute, display and join in. Designed with laboratory spaces rather than formal learning environments, the Centre encourages visitors to experiment, ask questions, have discussions, and make their own work by way of response.

We encourage young people to explore art and idea to take ownership of the gallery.

People standing around a table looking at objects

Clore Welcome Room © Olivia Hemmingway

Clore Welcome Room

The first entry point to Tate Modern’s learning activities, functioning both as a reception and a display area for learners of all ages.

A young boy playing on the floor

Open Studio in the Clore Studio © Richard Eaton

Clore Studio

Designed for up to 30 participants plus staff, this room is a ‘wet’ workshop facility allowing participants to directly engage with artists’ practice and develop skills through making art.

Photography of a film screening

Reach Out in the Clore Screening Room © Tate

Clore Screening Room

A small cinema designed for approximately 20 people. This screening room allows visitors to view films about artists and other relevant documentary and archival footage, and also provides a forum for showing participants’ own films.

People painting graffiti on the wall

Drips and Runs x Tate in the McAulay Gallery © Tate

McAulay Gallery

Dedicated to the display of participants’ work, as well as a space for courses based around the exploration of the displays and exhibitions on show at Tate Modern.

Photography of an empty room with tables

McAulay Schools and Family Room © Richard Eaton

McAulay Schools and Family Room

A flexible space designed to hold 120 people and to act as the social hub of the Clore Learning Centre. This room is equipped with lockers, tables and chairs, and includes a ceiling mounted projector as well as a self-catering unit with a sink, vending machines and microwaves.

McAulay Seminar Room

Intended for discussion-based learning for a broad range of groups. With day-to-day capacity for approximately 30 participants, this room will be used flexibly as a space for seminars or workshops.

Opening times

Sunday to Thursday 10.00–18.00

Friday to Saturday 10.00–22.00


Situated on level 0 next to the Turbine Hall

Tate Modern
London SE1 9TG
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