Tate Modern

Richard Deacon and El Anatsui

Natalie Bell Building Level 4 West

El Anatsui Ink Splash II 2012
© Tate Photography Tate 2016

See how two artists have used non-traditional art materials in very different ways

The works in this opening gallery of the Materials and Objects display give a sense of some of the diverse and inventive approaches to materials explored by artists in the rooms that follow.

Richard Deacon is interested in working with both traditional and modern materials. He also draws attention to the techniques that they inspire, and leaves traces of the process of making visible in his finished sculptures.

El Anatsui, by contrast, works to completely transform his materials and their effect on the viewer. By flattening bottle tops and stitching them together into a shimmering metal cloth, he turns familiar disposable objects into something that appears precious.

Curated by Matthew Gale.


Tate Modern
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