Atul Dodiya Meditation (with open eyes) 2011

Atul DodiyaMeditation (with open eyes)2011

Room 3 in In the Studio

Atul Dodiya

Goat’s Skull, Bottle and Candle

Pablo Picasso, Goat’s Skull, Bottle and Candle  1952

After the suffering of the Second World War, Picasso made a number of monochromatic works concerned with atrocities in the Korean War. He also painted four versions of this still-life subject, whose inspiration appears to have been the execution of the Communist partisan Nikos Beloyannis by the Greek government. The grey tones establish the sombre mood, while the candle and skull are traditional reminders of death. His willingness to take a moral stand reinforced Picasso's status as the most influential artist of his generation.

Gallery label, November 2005

© Succession Picasso/DACS 2021

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Meditation (with open eyes)

Atul Dodiya, Meditation (with open eyes)  2011

Atul Dodiya’s Meditation (with open eyes) pays tribute to artists and cultural figures who have inspired him. Dodiya has brought together a range of portraits and objects which relate to his upbringing and artistic development. They are arranged in glass cabinets that resemble museum showcases. But they also recall personal displays of souvenirs and sentimental items that are common in Indian homes. The cabinets also act as shrines, celebrating the lives of these inspirational figures. The objects range from the sacred to the everyday. Copies of artworks by other artists as well as those made by Dodiya sit next to photographs and miniature figurines, including incarnations of the Hindu god Vishnu. The cracked surface reminded Dodiya of the damaged landscape of his native state of Gujarat in India, where a major earthquake had just taken place.

Gallery label, August 2020

© Atul Dodiya

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Goat’s Skull, Bottle and Candle
Pablo Picasso Goat’s Skull, Bottle and Candle 1952
Meditation (with open eyes)
Atul Dodiya Meditation (with open eyes) 2011

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