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Queer and Now 2020

Celebrate the powerful role of LGBTQIA+ arts and culture in today's society

In 2017, Tate Britain’s exhibition, Queer British Art (1861–1967) looked through a queer lens at a century of art prior to the partial decriminalisation of homosexuality in England and Wales. But the history of art doesn’t only teach us about the past. It can also make us think about the kind of future we want to paint.

Returning for its third year, Queer and Now 2020 will shape and preserve space for the UK’s LGBTQIA+ communities. In partnership with UK Black Pride, the 2020 programme will present three live events exploring how digital curation can be queered into a new style of cultural activism.

At each event, the LGBTQIA+ audience will be given space to have their voices heard alongside queer artists, activists and cultural producers, live from Tate’s galleries.

It will be a chance to celebrate, explore and critique the place of art, museums and creativity in today’s queer culture… uncensored, live and as a community.

Online Event

All events will take place via zoom


17 September – 8 October 2020


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Clear guidance around online accessibility is listed on each event page

The use of different acronyms and language with reference to identity throughout this programme express the personal wishes of each individual or group involved in the Queer and Now festival

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