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Explore the work of young creatives with online workshops, artist's talks and music

The Tate Collective Producers are teaming up with alternative thinktank IAM to ask the question: How can young citizens participate in the transformation of art museums during the next billion seconds? We will also be joined by ERIC and digital designer Sarah-Grace Mankarious for an artist talk and workshop.

Stream 1: Film, artist talks and workshops

2020 (Re)Vision: Part 1

  • 2020 (Re)Vision is a collaborative film that imagines a fictional exhibition about 2020 opening in the 2050s. In Part 1, Tate Collective Producers and their mentors share their 2020 mementos. Tune in to uncover what is within these digital time capsules.

This film was made with the Tate Collective Producers (Steve Batai, Lance Bautista, Jahnavi Inniss, Liz Rose) and 3D artist Lorna Pittaway. It is part of the IAM x Tate Collective Everython, a series of learning sessions designed to cultivate long-term thinking and collective imaginations.

2020 (Re)Vision: Part 2

  • In Part 2 of 2020 (Re)Vision fictional exhibition, Tate Collective Producers send video messages to the young citizens of the 2050s as a creative reflection of the learnings from this weird year.

2020 (Re)Vision: Part 3

  • In Part 3 of the 2020 (Re)Vision fictional exhibition, Tate Collective Producers ask big ‘What if’ questions as proposals of the role art museums can play during the next billion seconds.

Talk: Sarah-Grace Mankarious in conversation

  • Join us to hear some top tips and advice from digital designer Sarah-Grace Mankarious, in conversation with the Tate Collective Producers. Touching on her experience working as Senior Visual Editor for CNN and her career pathway.

Workshop: ERIC – Get the Right Advice: Future–proof your decision making

  • Your future self will be shaped by the advice you've been given in the past. Beware of bad advice which can cause confusion, doubt and damage, rather than clearing the path in front of you. In this workshop, Mae and Sam will tell you how to spot a bad advisor from a mile off so you don’t waste your time.

Stream 2: Music

Reprezent Radio: The voice of young London

  • Reprezent Radio, streaming from Brixton, curate a playlist for the evening. This month's set is from DJ Usher Lavelle, who will create an eclectic journey into sound, pushing boundaries of broadcast with a therapeutic and artistic flair

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18–30 September 2020

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