Tate Britain Film

Assembly: Ceremony II

Paul Abbott, Infection Transmission Event / Cloudy November 2008 Video still

Pablo Bronstein, Constantinople Kaleidoscope 2012

Hannah Sawtell, Entrolude 4, Means 2010 Video still

Corin Sworn, After School Special 2009 Video still

Jennet Thomas, All Suffering SOON TO END! 2010 Video still

Gillian Wearing, Shakespeare’s Confessions 2012 Video still

Through disparate playful references, from Shakespeare through to Hollywood, these films use performance, gesture and domestic actions to provoke and engage in unique ways.

This screening is paired with Assembly: Ceremony I on Sunday 8 December.


Shakespeare’s Confessions

Gillian Wearing, 2012, video, colour, 9 min

After School Special

Corin Sworn, 2009, video, colour 22 min

Constantinople Kaleidoscope

Pablo Bronstein, 2012, video, colour, 11 min

Entrolude 4, Means

Hannah Sawtell, colour, 2010, 4 min

Infection Transmission Event / Cloudy November

Paul Abbott, 2008, sound, video, 5 min

All Suffering SOON TO END!

Jennet Thomas, 2010, colour, sound, video, 30 min

Programme duration: 81 min

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