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Teachers’ Private View: The EY Exhibition: The World Goes Pop

Teachers looking at a wall of Matisse works during a private view


Join us for an exclusive opportunity to view an exciting exhibition revealing how artists around the world engaged with the spirit of Pop art, from Latin America to Asia and from Europe to the Middle East.

During the evening you will have the chance to take part in exhibition related activities, pick up free resources and find out more about our upcoming programme whilst sharing a complimentary drink with colleagues.


The EY Exhibition: The World Goes Pop

Level 3

Tate Modern tells a global story of pop art, revealing a different side to the artistic and cultural phenomenon. From Latin America to Asia, and from Europe to the Middle East, this exhibition connects the dots between art produced around the world during the 1960s and 1970s, showing how different cultures and countries responded to the movement.

Themes such as politics, the body, domestic revolution, consumption, public protest, and folk are explored across a variety of media ranging from canvas to car bonnets and pinball machines.

The exhibition reveals how pop was never just a celebration of western consumer culture, but was often a subversive international language of protest – a language that is more relevant today than ever.


Curator's Talk: The EY Exhibition: The World Goes Pop

18.45–19.15 and 19.45–20.15
Limited places – sign up on the Level 3 concourse

Meet at the entrance to the exhibition

Assistant Curator Elsa Coustou gives a tour of The EY Exhibition: The World Goes Pop, sharing an insight into its key themes, such as the relationship between consumerism and pop, the impact of folk art on pop and the shifts in society triggered by counter-cultural and feminist movements.

10-Minute Talks: The EY Exhibition: The World Goes Pop

18.35–18.45, 19.30–19.40 and 20.15–20.25
Limited places – sign up on the Level 3 concourse

Meet in Room 3 or Room 10 of the exhibition

Join a ten-minute talk, where staff and volunteers from across Tate give their personal insight into chosen works from the exhibition.


Swallow: Performance Workshop by Linda Stupart

Limited places – sign up on the Level 3 concourse

Meet in front of Anna Maria Maiolino’s Glu Glu Glu in Room 1 of the exhibition

Join artist Linda Stupart for a performance which explores the materiality and meaning of some of the artworks on display, with a particular focus on embodied knowledge, gender, domestic spaces and technology. 

Artist-devised resources

C is For Cyborg

Turn over your programme to try out a new limited edition A is For activity devised by artist Linda Stupart designed to support and extend your students’ visit to The EY Exhibition: The World Goes Pop.

Many Schools and Teachers resources are also available to download from the Tate website.

For further information and to book please email resource.coordinator@tate.org.uk


The schools and teachers team

Level 3 concourse

The Schools and Teachers team will be available to answer questions and discuss our exciting programme for 2015–16.

Play Ground

Pick up a copy of our magazine which shares the thinking, ideas and questions coming from the Schools and Teachers team and programme.

Ask Tate Collective London

Level 3 concourse

Want to know more about free events, festivals and opportunities for people aged 15–25? Members of Tate Collective London will be on hand to talk about the range of free events and festivals for young people to experiment, create and innovate through art and ideas.

Tate Collective London is part of Circuit, led by Tate and funded by the Paul Hamlyn Foundation.

Tate's BP Art Exchange

Level 3 concourse

Meet Tate’s BP Art Exchange team and find out more about this exciting international project. Discover our online platform and learn how you can share art and ideas with other teachers, artists and cultural organisations worldwide. We also invite you to explore our online activity packs.

Tate Modern

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21 September 2015 at 18.30–20.30

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