Marlow Moss  White with Curved Cord

Marlow Moss
White with Curved Cord 1943 
© Kröller-Müller Museum

This display presents a group of works by Marlow Moss, an artist once overlooked but now regarded as one of Britain’s most important constructivist artists. Drawn from collections in the UK and Europe, the paintings, reliefs and sculptures are primarily concerned with an interrogation of space, movement and light.

Before the Second World War, Moss produced highly abstract painted compositions similar to the work of Mondrian, with whom she associated. Moss’s practice also extended toward the production of all-white reliefs and sculptural works.

Moss lived and worked between Paris and Cornwall, changing her name and permanently adopting a masculine appearance in 1919. She settled in Lamorna Cove in 1941 where she became an influential figure for a younger generation of British artists.