Seamus Nicolson, ‘Ori’ 1999
Seamus Nicolson
Ori 1999
© Seamus Nicolson

Source Spotlight Display invites young creatives aged 15-25 to respond to key themes within the display by sharing, sending or submitting your own images. A selection of these submissions will be shown on screens alongside original artworks in Tate’s collection, as part of the display at Tate Britain.  

Help us highlight how the Tate collection resonates with contemporary visual culture by responding to key themes within Source Spotlight Display. 

Want to see your artwork included in Source Spotlight Display during September?

Responding to Seamus Nicolson’s Ori, 1999, during the month of September Source Display explores the theme of street photography.  

Street photography presents candid depictions of everyday life in public places, with engaging images that often tell a story that goes beyond what is captured in the image. Scenes are unmanipulated, featuring moments or objects of interest: architecture, people in passing, intriguing signage - all documenting human life and habits. More recently, camera phones and apps like Instagram have enabled users to capture and distribute these kind of passing moments with ease.

Do you document everyday happenings with photography?

Submit or share your own street photography with us:

  • Use the hashtag: #sourcestreetphotog (on Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr) 
  • Email: 
  • Please make sure emailed files are less than 5MB and are submitted in one of the following dimensions - 3:4 (portrait), 4:3 (landscape) or 16:9
  • Please make sure your file name is correctly titled: firstname_lastname_imagetitle
  • Deadline 22.00,  Monday 25 August 2014

 Terms and Conditions

From the entries submitted Tate will, in its discretion, select those to be shown in the display at Tate Britain, on the Tate website or on any other third party platform.

Don’t be rude. Anything defamatory or obscene won’t be accepted.

By submitting an image you agree to give Tate all rights in this content, including moral rights or any other rights in your contribution. You’re giving Tate the right to use this however they like – in the gallery, on Tate Online or on any other third party platform anywhere in the world, for ever. Thanks very much – we’ll take good care of it.

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