Seamus Nicolson, ‘Ori’ 1999
Seamus Nicolson
Ori 1999
© Seamus Nicolson
Elliot Kennedy - Street Photography

Elliot Kennedy for Accent Magazine
© Accent Magazine

David Brunetti - Street Photography

David Brunetti for Accent Magazine
© Accent Magazine

Andrew Waits - Street Photography

Andrew Waits for Accent Magazine
© Accent Magazine

Drew Wittig - Street Photography

Drew Wittig for Accent Magazine 
© Accent Magazine

Six themes will be explored for each month of the duration of Source Spotlight Display, with September 2014 exploring Street Photography.

Street Photography presents candid depictions of everyday life in the streets, with engaging images that often tell a story that goes beyond the moment captured on film. Whether capturing architecture, people in passing, odd details or intriguing signage, scenes are unmanipulated, with subjects not necessarily aware of the photograph being taken. Seamus Nicolson’s Ori depicts such a moment, with a young man seen urinating against a wall amidst a deserted city backdrop. The proliferation of Instagram ready camera phones enables users to capture this kind of passing moment with ease, encouraging documentation of every day happenings, in-keeping with the ethos of Street Photography.

As part of Street Photography month artist Accent Magazine lead an interactive workshop about the editorial process.

Source display has been curated by Tate Collective London. Tate Collective London plan and develop events for other young people, 15 – 25 years, to create, experiment and engage with the Tate Collection at Tate Britain and Tate Modern.

Tate Collective London is a part of Circuit, led by Tate and funded by the Paul Hamlyn Foundation.