Joseph Mallord William Turner, ‘Zwingenberg on the Neckar’ 1844
Joseph Mallord William Turner
Zwingenberg on the Neckar 1844

Discover how Joseph Mallord William Turner (1775–1851) revolutionised two different kinds of image-making: watercolour and print.

View of the exhibition entrance for Colour and Line Turner's Experiments

View of this exhibition at Tate Britain
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Colour and Line: Turner’s Experiments is a two-room display featuring works on paper by Turner, with a variety of experiments and interactive displays exploring his working methods and techniques.

Learn more about printmaking and see the extraordinary care Turner took to produce the finest prints of his time. You can also experience the scientific experiments with colour which formed a vital background to his work.

a visitor at the Colour and Line Turner's experiments exhibition

View of this exhibition at Tate Britain
© Tate 2007

See the changes in Turner’s watercolour palette as he travelled across Europe, responding to different light effects, and using newly-developed colours and paints. Find out how Turner worked, as well as trying some of his drawing techniques for yourself .

The works on display change every six months.