Emma Hedditch

Born Somerset, 1972

Selected Exhibitions

2006     We’re Alive, Let’s Meet!, Bergen Kunsthall, Norway (solo)
2005     Parts Of It Are Moving, Double Check. Re-Framing Space in Photography: The Other Space, Parallel Histories, Camera Austria, Graz (group)
2004     A Political Feeling, I Hope So, Cubitt, London (group)

Emma Hedditch Parts Of It Are Moving 2005

Emma Hedditch
Parts Of It Are Moving
© the artist

The ethos of knowledge-sharing, participation and the ‘can do’ attitude of DIY culture are central to the work of London based artist Emma Hedditch. The desire to plug into existing communities and find ways to facilitate collaboration is the driving force behind all of her projects. Whilst the projects usually involve the use of video, conversation and live events, the final output is secondary, prioritising the experience of building something together.

For Art Now Live, Hedditch is producing a publication which comprises a series of conversations with the curators of the event and other collaborators. Hedditch investigates how we engage with public spaces, such as Tate Britain, and examines our experiences of visiting, working for and with Tate Britain and the ideological, psychological and physical meaning of ‘participation’ in the context of this institution. The publication examines this ideal of participation, and how we measure it or understand it in relation to a broader idea of participation in society, and through a democracy, ie voting.