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Members Hours: Aubrey Beardsley

Aubrey Beardsley, ‘Frontispiece to Chopin’s Third Ballade’ 1895
Aubrey Beardsley, Frontispiece to Chopin’s Third Ballade 1895. Tate

See the exhibition in the morning hours before the gallery opens to the public

Start your day by exploring Aubrey Beardsley’s largest exhibition for 50 years.

Discover the erotic, the elegant, the humorous and the grotesque within this exhibition of his illustrations taken from a seven year period of his career.

After you’ve visited the show, why not head to the Members Room for a coffee and a bite to eat?

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7 March 2020 at 09.00–10.00

8 March 2020 at 09.00–10.00

14 March 2020 at 09.00–10.00

15 March 2020 at 09.00–10.00

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