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Autour du Cubisme

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In the summer of 1954, when the Jeu de Paume was temporarily closed, the authorities of the Louvre kindly lent the Council a group of paintings by Manet and His Circle which, together with a number of paintings from the National Gallery and the Courtauld Institute, were exhibited at the Tate Gallery.

The Musée d’Art Moderne in Paris, also closed for repairs, has agreed to put at disposal a small group of paintings on the theme of Cubism.

The title of this exhibition, Autour du Cubisme, indicates that this is in no sense a comprehensive survey of the movement but rather a number of paintings connected with Cubism which happen to be available. The Museum does not, for instance, own a Picasso prior to 1914.

There are nonetheless a number of interesting and important works, especially by less known members of the movement such as Marcoussis, La Fresnaye and Metzinger.

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27 June – 9 September 1956

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Cubism and its Legacy: The Gift of Gustav and Elly Kahnweiler

21 Jul 2004
Cubism and its Legacy: The Gift of Gustav and Elly Kahnweiler: Press related to past Tate exhibition.

Edouard Manet


Pablo Picasso


Louis Marcoussis


Jean Metzinger