• Angus Fairhurst, Sarah Lucas and Damien Hirst meet while studying fine art at Goldsmiths College.


  • Fairhurst organizes an exhibition at the Institute of Education. Art works by both Hirst and Fairhurst are included in the show.
  • Damien Hirst curates the exhibition Freeze, in a rundown warehouse located in the docklands. Lucas, Fairhurst and Hirst are amongst the artists who are shown.


  • Fairhurst and Hirst work on a series of collaborative photographs featuring Hirst’s early medicine cabinets.
  • Hirst curates Modern Medicine in a former biscuit factory in Bermondsey. Angus Fairhurst is one of the many artists included in the show.


  • Fairhurst produces a photographic self-portrait entitled Man Abandoned By Colour. The image is set in a studio he shares with Hirst and one of the ‘spot paintings’ is visible in the background.


  • Hirst poses for Fairhurst’s photographic series entitled Man Who Wants to Know What the Back of His Head Looks Like.


  • Sarah Lucas and Tracey Emin open a hole-in-the-wall art shop called The Shop in Bethnal Green. They sell handmade objects including £10 ashtrays with photocopies of Damien Hirst on the bottom.
  • Hirst and Fairhurst rent a stall at the artist-led fair, Fete Worse Than Death. They dress up as clowns and set up a spin painting stall.
  • Fairhurst and Hirst make a film entitled Two Cannibals Eating a Clown.


  • Lucas organizes a show of Fairhurst’s drawings and cartoons in the front of her flat. One of these cartoons is of a gorilla, which leads to the creation of his bronze casts.
  • Hirst curates the Serpentine Gallery exhibition Some Went Mad… Some Ran Away. The title of the show is borrowed from Fairhurst’s solo at Karsten Schubert.


  • All three artists take part in a group show called ‘Brilliant!’ Art From London at the Walker Art Center, in Minneapolis.


  • The Sensation exhibition opens at the Royal Academy and includes works by Damien Hirst and Sarah Lucas.
  • Lucas’ photograph of stuffed tights on a chair entitled Black and White Bunny #2, features Fairhurst’s Pietà in the background.


  • Lucas and Fairhurst collaborate on the exhibition Odd Bod Photography at Sadie Coles HQ.


  • In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida opens at Tate Britain.