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Henry Moore in the BBC Archives

Henry Moore’s remarkable success in his own lifetime gave him an unusual presence in popular culture. The many television and radio programmes which featured Moore allow us to witness his changing awareness of his practice and influences. BBC producer John Read made six programmes with the sculptor over 30 years, and it is the growing intimacy of these films which provides the greatest insight into Moore’s sense of his own place in the artistic canon.

This selection of clips has been taken from the BBC Archive. The full-length interviews and many more programmes celebrating Henry Moore and his art can be found at www.bbc.co.uk/archive/henrymoore.

Henry Moore 1951

This programme is the first of six programmes that John Read made about Henry Moore, and is the first documentary film about about a living artist made for British television. First broadcast 30 April 1951.

Monitor 1960

In this item from the landmark arts series Monitor, Huw Weldon visits Henry Moore at his home in the run-up to a major exhibition of his work at the Whitechapel Gallery.

I Think in Shapes not Words: Henry Moore 1968

Henry Moore walks among the pieces in the open air exhibition of his works in the grounds of the Tate Gallery.

Henry Moore At Eighty – Portraits and Reflections 1978

To mark Henry Moore’s 80th birthday, filmmaker John Read revisits the artist’s work and reveals his own personal relationship with it.

Arena: Henry Moore 1986

Speaking from Henry Moore’s own studio in Perry Green, John Read shares his personal memories of the artist he filmed six times over 28 years.

Henry Moore: Carving a Reputation 1898–45 1998

This first of two documentary programmes marking the centenary of his birth looks at the young Henry Moore and includes some frank interviews with the women who loved him.

Henry Moore: Carving a Reputation 1945–86 1998

This second of two documentary programmes marking the centenary of Moore’s birth. In the second half of this documentary, friends, family members, critics and art contemporaries appraise Moore’s work and share their personal experiences of the man and his life.

The release of these films and audio recordings from the BBC Archive has been made possible by collaboration with the Henry Moore Foundation. Some of the artwork in these programmes is shown courtesy of the Henry Moore Family Collection.