Henry Moore Locking Piece 1963–4 Millbank, London

Henry Moore
Locking Piece
Millbank, London


[NB: This information is no longer current and is included only to show the scope of the 2010 exhibition and initiatives associated with it]

Take a surprising sound journey in London and find a Henry Moore work and discover more about the man himself: a radical artist who changed sculpture forever. Share your thoughts with other visitors and save money on visiting the exhibition.

What you need

  • a portable mp3 player
  • a mobile phone
  • a pencil and paper

How to take part

  • Choose which of the eight sculptures in London you’d like to visit (you can visit as many or as few as you like). See the map and audio files.
  • Print out the map, and download the short mp3 audio file for that sculpture on to your portable mp3 player. Make your way to the start point for your journey.
  • At the sculpture, listen to the sound walk for that sculpture and then submit your response to that work (if you want to). Call the phone number at the end of the mp3 to find a token of thanks for your response – a discount on your ticket to Henry Moore at Tate Britain. Take a rubbing of this token.
  • Present your token rubbing(s) at the Tate Britain ticket desk when purchasing your ticket to claim your discount.

Exhibition ticket discount

The discount scheme is available from 7 June to 8 August 2010.

You can go to one sculpture or as many as you like.
The more sculptures you visit and responses you send in, the cheaper your ticket to the exhibition becomes.
Visiting one sculpture will get you a concessionary rate ticket (£11). For each additional token you collect (after the first), you will get an additional discount of £1.
Do them all and you get in free*.

Tokens can only be redeemed in person at the ticket desk

This discount scheme has been supported by Mr John Deedham, collector and advocate of Moore’s work. Read more about Henry Moore and this investigation. Further information is on the Moore Outside Blog

*subject to availability