Moore Outside: 1. West Wind, St James’s Park

West Wind 1928–9
London Underground
St James’s Park
Underground Station
London SW1 0BD

In 1928 Moore agreed to carve a relief for the Underground Building at St James’s. It was a bit of a departure for him. He had always been preoccupied with sculpture in its full spatial richness. Reliefs seemed to him a humiliating subservience to architecture because they mostly serve merely as surface decoration. But the architect of the Underground building was persuasive. He created the West Wind (first named North Wind) cutting as deeply as the building would allow, so the carving would come as close to sculpture in the round as possible.

Download the mp3 for your journey: west_wind_st_james_park.mp3 11.8 MB

When I go and see Moore’s West Wind in St. James’s I always like to have a look at Rabinovitch’s West Wind as well and there is an interesting represenation of Day as well. If you stand approximately halfway down between Dacre Street and Tothill Street you can see Day, in the middle of the first floor across the street, and a sculpture of the West Wind by Rabinovitch up on sixth floor and to the right. Then walk towards Tothill Street and turn left where Broadway Street continues. Walk to the gold Regus sign at 50 Broadway. You can see Moore’s West Wind on the left of the 6th floor.

Here’s one of my personal maps. Bring it with you, it will help you find your way.

John Deedham Map, showing location of West Wind 1928–9

John Deedham
Map, showing location of
West Wind 1928–9
London Underground
St James's Park