Howard Hodgkin Fisherman Cove

Howard Hodgkin
Fisherman’s Cove 1993
Private collection, London

During the 1980s Hodgkin continued to experiment with scale. Snapshot 1984–93 was one of his largest works and its title underplays the nine years that it took him to complete. Meanwhile,Fisherman’s Cove 1993, one of Hodgkin’s smallest paintings, possesses a fluidity and boldness of brushstroke that appears disproportionate to its size. These works demonstrate Hodgkin’s ability to make large works seem intimate and small works epic.

Howard Hodgkin Chez Max 1996–7

Howard Hodgkin
Chez Max 1996–7
Kohlberg Kravis Roberts & Co. Ltd

Chez Max 1996–7 and Memories of Max1991–5 commemorate Hodgkin’s architect friend, the late Max Gordon. While Hodgkin’s paintings often represent specific individuals or locations, he remains reluctant to elaborate on his subjects: ‘the more an artist talks about his work, the more his words become attached to it… I want people to look at my pictures as pictures.’

Howard Hodgkin Evening

Howard Hodgkin
Evening 1994–5
Courtesy Julian Barnes

Various found domestic items – stools, table-tops and old clocks – have provided unlikely supports for Hodgkin’s pictures, emphasising his view of them as objects. For example, the knife marks visible in Evening 1994–5 draw attention to the wood panel’s former use as a bread board.