As he approaches his eighties, Freud has continued his exploration of the world in his studio. Head of a Naked Girl 1999–2000 and Naked Portrait 2001 have been added to his series of searching, naked portraits. The last room contains paintings which have never been exhibited before, some of which were only completed in the weeks leading up to the opening of the show. This exhibition, however, does not represent an ending; Freud sees all his exhibitions as pauses during which he reflects on what he has achieved before moving on: ‘I want to go on until there is nothing more to see.’ 

Head of a Naked Girl 1999–2000

Lucian Freud Head of a Naked Girl 1999-2000

Lucian Freud Head of a Naked Girl 1999–2000
Oil on canvas
51.4 x 40.6 cm 
© The Artist
Collection of UBS Paine Webber Inc.

Naked Portrait 2001

Freud sees painting people without their clothes as a way of encouraging them to shed their protective façades, and to reveal more basic aspects of their instincts and desires. ‘I’m really interested in people as animals. Part of my liking to work from them naked is for that reason. Because I can see more; and it’s also very exciting to see the forms repeating right through the body and often the head as well. I like people to look as natural and as physically as ease as animals.’