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Late at Tate Britain: Mark Leckey

Explore the world of Mark Leckey at this evening event

Inspired by the Mark Leckey exhibition, this Late at Tate Britain will explore youth, class and nostalgia. In the Bridge is a two-part variety night curated by Leckey featuring contemporary artists and DJS. Come under his life-size motorway bridge to experience spoken word, performance and experimental music.

Download map of the event (PDF, 1.6MB)


We out here: Show and Tell

(un)common space, 18.00-21.30

Creative networking event centred around an informal conversation between filmmaker Akinola Davies Jr and creative producer Claire Burman. Young Creatives are invited to ask questions and share their own practices.

1. Pleasant Randomer presents come see my tent

Top of Manton Stairs, 18.00–21.30

Europe’s first squat rave super club in a two man tent. No drinks inside. Over 18’s only. ID on the door.

2. How Does it Feel to Treat Me Like You Do?

Henry Moore Room, 18.00–21.30

Explore works of Scratch video, a movement formed by British video artists in the 1980s who used found imagery for political and satirical effect. Curated by Lily Evans-Hill.

3. After Dream English Kid, 1964-1999 AD

Modern Print Room, 19.00–20.30

Inspired by Mark Leckey’s work Dream English Kid, 1964-1999 AD, this display of photographs and prints explores mundane and everyday themes of life in Britain. Featuring work by Mike Nelson and Jeremy Deller.


4. Weird Things Happen in the Woods

Clore Studio, 18.00–21.00

Join this immersive drop-in workshop inspired by fairy tales and woodland folklore. Make a fairy, hang it to a tree or sit back, relax and listen to some ancient folk tales. Created by Tate Collective Producer Sinead McGeechan in response to the Mark Leckey installation.

5. Movement and Data Embodiment

Taylor Digital Studio,18.00–21.00

Digital artist, Friendred has been researching the relationship between technology and performance arts. This workshop emphasises the conversation between body movements and data. Join us to explore the combination of body and technology.


6. In the Bridge

Main Exhibition Space (first floor), 20.00–21.30

Mark Leckey hosts an evening of performance from movement and collage artist, Oona Doherty and music from recording, performance and video artist Iain Woods. The performance will take place under the life-size motorway bridge created for the exhibition.

*Free with ticket. Available to collect from the Manton ticket desk on a first-come first-served basis from 19.00

The exhibition contains strobe lighting and film footage of flashing lights. There is some strong language and references to drug use


7. Reprezent Radio Presents …

1840’s Gallery and Outside the Djanogly Cafe, 18.00–21.30

Join the voice of young London with Reprezent radio and special guests for the sound of the underground.

Food and Drink

8. Late at Tate Britain, Street Food

Djanogly Cafe, 18.00–21.00

Grab some munch with a bespoke street food offer prepared by the Tate chefs.

9. Realism Bar

1840’s Gallery, 18.00–21.30

Come quench your thirst, listen to music and take in the surroundings of Tate Britain’s Victorian art collection.

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Date & Time

4 October 2019 at 18.00–21.30

Advance tickets for the exhibition during Late at Tate Britain on Friday 4 October are now sold out. A very limited amount of free tickets for the Mark Leckey performance only will be available at the Manton ticket desk from 19.00 on a first-come first-served basis

For Late at Tate Britain on Friday 4 October the exhibition will be closed 18.00–19.00 to set up for a performance and restricted to performance ticket holders only 20.00–21.30. The exhibition will be open from 19.00–19.45 and from 21.30–22.30

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