Paradise Garden constructed by Howard Finster

Paradise Garden constructed by Howard Finster
Courtesy of Tate Archive
Monika Kinley

Following the success of Outsiders, the seminal 1979 Hayward Gallery exhibition, Victor Musgrave and Monica Kinley committed themselves to building an Outsider collection and archive that celebrated ‘art without precedent’. They proceeded to search for artists both within the UK and abroad by following a network of contacts that they had made through the Outsiders show. They visited retirement homes, the Salvation Army, the homeless, and nurses caring for patients at home - all in an attempt to discover unknown people making pictures and objects.

After Musgrave’s premature death in 1984, Kinley vowed to continue their work. Since then she has embarked on a number of extraordinary journeys across the globe to discover new works by Outsider artists and also visit spectacular, sometimes unusual Outsider environments.

Monika Kinley has shared her memories of two exceptional journeys that you can explore using this interactive map. The first is a road trip to the Southern States in 1987. The other includes two memorable visits to France in 1985 and again in 1994.