Peter Doig Black Curtain Towards Monkey Island 2004

Peter Doig
Black Curtain (Towards Monkey Island) 2004
Oil on linen
Photo Courtesy Michael Werner Gallery, New York and Cologne
Mima and César Reyes Collection, Puerto Rico © The artist

Doig’s latest paintings show the strong influence of Trinidad’s island landscape even if, as always, his subjects are an amalgam of unrelated visual sources. The search to establish a unique mood for each painting remains constant; however, Doig now achieves this by different means. The artist has experimented with viewpoints that open up new forms of composition, recently taking photographs through a telescope, and kayaking around the rugged north coast of the island. 

In these paintings the motif is often seen from a distant viewpoint across a shore or from the other side of a river. The artist’s eye and imagination is increasingly drawn to a strangeness of form that has an abstract, primal quality — and the staining paint effects conjure up gossamer-like images.