Richard Deacon, ‘Struck Dumb’ 1988
Richard Deacon
Struck Dumb 1988
© Richard Deacon


Richard Deacon (born 1949) is widely regarded as one of the leading British sculptors, best known for his lyrical open forms and interest in materials and their manipulation. For more than four decades Deacon has employed materials ranging from laminated wood and polycarbonate to leather, cloth and ceramic, examples of all of which are included in the exhibition. He works on both domestic and large scales, combining organic forms with elements of engineering. His continuously changing methods of construction are a result of developments in sculptural approach, particularly in the interactions between surface, skin and structure, and to the relationship between mass and volume. Deacon places as much emphasis on language as he does on materiality, reflecting a deep-rooted interest that stems from his reading of poetic, philosophical and other texts.