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After has been constructed from multiple smaller components, all made in Deacon’s studio, and balances volume and shape. The wooden tubes are sections of the same curve; their change of angle from one section to the next gives the work its dynamic, writhing quality. The woven stainless steel strap linking the ends apparently draws them together. Deacon was intrigued by the contrast between this taut line and the liveliness of the undulating wooden form as well as the dynamic play of light on the wood and steel elements. For Deacon, these opposing qualities touch on fundamental issues of presence and absence.

© Tate

Richard Deacon
After 1998
© Tate

After 1998
Wood, stainless steel, aluminium and resin
1700 x 9500 x 3000 mm

Lotus 2002
Glazed ceramic
750 x 980 x 710 mm
Museum Ludwig, Cologne

Waiting For The Rain 2002
810 x 1930 x 1220 mm
Private collection