Room 6

Over time Deacon and his collaborators have become adept in handling diverse materials and exploiting their differing qualities. Two By Two and Out Of Order share an interest in the descriptive possibility of arrangements and collections, but the manipulation of the materials involved in each leads to very different structures. Tropic creates a tension between surface and structure by contrasting its complex geometric form with an elaborate four-colour glaze.

Richard Deacon Out of Order 2003

Richard Deacon
Out of Order 2003
© Courtesy Lisson Gallery and Richard Deacon

Out Of Order 2003
Wood (steamed oak) and stainless steel
1900 x 7000 x 5700 mm
Private collection

Venice Twist 2007
Glazed ceramic
2240 x 850 x 200 mm
Private collection

Two By Two 2010
Galvanised and stainless steel
2420 x 2580 x 2300 mm
Private collection

Tropic 2007
Glazed ceramic
740 x 1520 x 690 mm
Private collection