1846  Turner moves to 6 Davis Place, Cremorne New Road (now Cheyne Walk), Chelsea

1847  National Gallery receives four oil paintings by Turner, the first to enter a national collection New House of Lords opens

1848  Revolution in France overthrows the monarchy; Second Republic established with Louis Napoleon elected President Whistler moves to London

1849  Cholera epidemic in London Whistler family return to the US

1851  Turner dies at home in Chelsea, aged 76

1852  New House of Commons opens Louis Napoleon declared Emperor of France

1855  Whistler, aged 21, goes to Paris to study art

1856  Temporary Turner gallery created at Marlborough House Whistler enrols in the studio of Charles Gleyre in Paris

1858  The ‘Great Stink’ on the Thames Big Ben installed in clock tower of Houses of Parliament

1859  British paintings from the National Gallery, including works by Turner, shown at the South Kensington Museum Whistler moves to London and starts work on etchings of the Thames

1861  Whistler working in Paris, probably meets Monet First gallery devoted to Turner opens at the National Gallery

1862  Completion of new Westminster Bridge Monet enrols in the studio of Charles Gleyre in Paris Mallarmé moves to London

1863  Whistler moves into 7 Lindsey Row, Chelsea, overlooking the Thames

1864  Charing Cross railway bridge completed