1867  Whistler moves to 2 Lindsey Row

1869  Albert Embankment opens on south side of Thames, from Westminster to Vauxhall Bridge

1870  Victoria Embankment opens on north side of Thames, from Westminster to Blackfriars Outbreak of Franco-Prussian warMonet takes refuge in London; paints views of the ThamesFall of Napoleon III; Third Republic proclaimed

1871  Fall of Paris after a four-month siegeMonet moves to Argenteuil, on the Seine north-west of Paris

1872  Monet paints Impression, Sunrise, which later gives rise to the name ‘Impressionists’

1874  First exhibition of the Société anonyme in Paris - the first Impressionist exhibition

1876  Turner watercolours installed in lower rooms of the National Gallery

1877  Whistler exhibits Nocturne in Black and Gold: The Falling Rocket at the Grosvenor Gallery; Ruskin’s review leads Whistler to sue him for libel

1878  Whistler wins libel case against Ruskin, but is only awarded one farthing damages, without costs Monet moves back to Paris from Argenteuil

1879  Whistler is declared bankrupt; he travels to Venice

1883  Death of Edouard Manet