1887  Monet visits London for the first time since 1871

1888  Monet introduces Whistler to Mallarmé

1889  Savoy Hotel opens in London

1890  Whistler publishes his collected writings as The Gentle Art of Making Enemies

1885  First delivery of Whistler’s ‘Ten O’Clock’ lecture in London

1896  Whistler stays with his wife at the Savoy Hotel; she dies on 10 May

1899  Monet in London, staying at the Savoy Hotel

1900  Monet spends about three months in London

1901  Death of Queen Victoria Monet spends January to April in London

1903  Whistler dies in London, aged 59

1908  Monet spends October to December in Venice

1926  Monet dies at Giverny, aged 76