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Late at Tate Britain: Body

Late at Tate Britain: Body, November 2015

Late at Tate Britain: The Body with Maisie Cousins

Late at Tate Britain: The Body with Pecs

Late at Tate Britain: The Body with 9 Squares

From historic royalty to YouTube fame, how has art displayed status? Starting with the idea of power, and going on to the body and changing face of celebrity, this season, Late at Tate Britain explores representations of status through time.

On Friday 6 November tackle the theme of the body through music, art, talks and workshops.

Late at Tate Britain is curated by by 15-25 year olds from Tate Collective London. Tate Collective London host a range of free events and festivals for young people to experiment, create and innovate through art and ideas.


North Duveen, 18.00–21.30

Music by Bala Club DJs uli k, ENDGAMƎ and Blaze Kidd, and Reprezent Radio, the underground sound of young London.

  • 18.00–19.30 Reprezent Radio
  • 19.30–20.30 Bala Club DJs


9 Squares: Animation Lab

18.00–21.00, Taylor Digital Studio

Drop in to the Taylor Digital Studio to learn about motion graphics and animation with the creators of the 9 Squares project. 

Pecs: The Body

18.00–21.00, Clore Studio

Join in the cabaret vibe with the all-female drag collective Pecs in an evening exploring and experimenting with gender through performance and play.  Dig around in the dress up box, make a moustache, get a makeover from a drag king make-up artist and have your photograph taken.  Enjoy a bit of song and dance, or, for a little break, chill out in the 'Eroticorner' and dip into some famous erotica, past and present.

Pick up a specially commissioned ‘Pleasure Hunt’, an alternative treasure hunt focussing on the body in art through the Tate Britain collection.


Pecs: Tracey Emin’s My Bed Monologues 

19.30, 20.30, Room 1990

New monologues inspired by Tracy Emin’s My Bed, 1998, written and performed by all female drag collective Pecs.


Maisie Cousins: Cookmaid

18.00–22.00, Octagon

A digital commission from photographic artist Maisie Cousins exploring the body in response to Sir Nathaniel Bacon’s Cookmaid with Still Life of Vegetables and Fruit.

9 Squares x Late at Tate Britain: Body

18.00–21.30, Room 1940

A special edition 9 Squares created for Late at Tate: Body featuring motion graphics by the project’s creators Al Boardman, David Stanfield and Skip Hursh along with emerging designers Emma Ehrling, Elisa Cioccia, Hugh Herbert, Justin Carrington, Lorna Wilson and Alex Stanlake.

Each artist was tasked with creating an abstract, 350 pixel, 3 second long, looping, animated GIF from a 4-colour palette taken from Francis Bacon’s and the responding to the theme of ‘The Body’. The artists are free to animate their square however they choose - blind to what each other is creating.


19.00–20.00, Auditorium

Panel discussion hosted by Tate Collective London exploring the relationship between status and the body. Featuring contributors include filmmaker and curator Kathryn Ferguson and writer and film programmer Simran Hans.

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