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Late at Tate Britain: Kabocha

Anthea Hamilton The Squash © Tate (Seraphina Neville) 2018

Experience a mix of creatives responding to Anthea Hamilton’s large scale artwork at Tate Britain, The Squash

A person lays on the floor in a black and white striped costume

Erick Hawkins in his original production of 8 Clear Places (squash), New York 1960

Courtesy of The Erick Hawkins Dance Foundation, Inc, erickhawkinsdance.org

Photo: Daniel Kramer

A man jumping in the air

Akkeim Toussant Buck

A person looks at a performer

Anthea Hamilton The Squash © Tate 2018


Reprezent Soundsystem presents…

Room 1840 and Djanogly Café, 18.00–21.30

The voice of young London Reprezent 107.3 FM are our resident DJ’s for 2018. Including a DJ line up curated by ALPHABEATS. Listen out for future sounds from Complexion, Maxwell & Brother Portrait, Morenight and Yozu.


Black in the Day

Taylor Digital Studio, 18.30–21.00

Join Black in the Day for a digital design and poetry workshop to explore their amazing archive of family photographs of the black British experience in the UK

Porcelain Painting

Clore Studio, 18.30–21.30

Join a ‘storytelling’ themed plate painting workshop with Illustrator Eliza Hopewell. Referencing how Greek myths and legends were displayed on plates and pottery.

David Robilliard Collage

Clore Gallery, 18.00–21.00

Join Tate’s Library and Archive team for a collage workshop inspired by David Robilliard’s short and witty poems that add a humorous twist to the stories of everyday life.

Comedy workshop with Logan Murray

Learning Gallery, 18.30–19.45, 20.00–21.15

Story telling goes hand in hand with stand-up comedy, so come and join renowned comedy tutor Logan Murray to unlock your hidden comedian.

*Limited tickets available from the Learning Gallery from 18.00 on a first-come-first-served basis


The People's Depot

Clore Centre, 19.00–21.00

Tate Britain was built on the site of the notorious Milbank Prison. Join this immersive theatrical experience unlocking stories from various archives, created by Elizabeth Jankowski and Francesca Scott.

*Limited tickets available from the Clore Centre from 18.00 on a first-come-first-served basis

Akeim Toussaint Buck

Join interdisciplinary performing artist Akeim Toussaint Buck as we go down a rabbit hole of sonic story-telling and the moving body.


Clore Garden, 19.00–20.00

Join London based actress and playwright Yolanda Mercy and writer Angela Wereko-Anderson on the front lawn for a immersive storytelling intervention in the recently installed community garden project A Common Ground.


The Squash

Clore Auditorium, 19.30–20.30

Anthea Hamilton will be in discussion with several the performers from The Squash, a project that has captured the imaginations of Tate Britain’s audiences.


Paula Rego Prints

Modern Print Room, 19.00–20.30

Paula Rego is well known for her paintings and prints based on storybooks. Discover one of great resources at Tate Britain and have an intimate experience with Rego’s visual storytelling.

Show and Tell: Anthea Hamilton and Researching Performance

Library and Archive, 18.00-21.00

Join as we explore live art, food, dance, and the work of Anthea Hamilton in the library collections. Material selected by Katie Blackford and Holly Callaghan.


Anthea Hamilton Showreel

Manton Studio, 18.00–21.30

Catch a selection of short films about Anthea Hamilton’s artistic practice.​

This event has been programmed by young people aged 16–25 from our Tate Collective team.

Tate Britain

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3 August 2018 at 18.00–21.30

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