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Late at Tate Britain: Don't Worry

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A night exploring art and well-being, inspired by the work of Turner Prize winning artist Martin Creed

Late at Tate Britain is a space for celebrating and showcasing young, emerging creatives.

At a time of political and economical uncertainty, ease your mind and enjoy the Tate Collective Producers's response to the work of Martin Creed. Expect the usual mix of talks, performance, workshops and music as we explore art and well-being.


Shan Rixon and Jennifer Raingold

Clore Studio

Finding it difficult to articulate your feelings? Join Art Psychotherapists Shan Rixon and Jennifer Raingold in this therapeutic arts workshop to explore what’s in your head by creating a ‘worry hat’. Let your fingers do the talking to confront your worries head on, before donning your hat for the night.

The School of Life

North Duveen Gallery

Can looking at art be a form of therapy? Join The School of Life for a participatory workshop to find out.

Jasmin Sehra and Hannah Hill

Manton Studio

Jasmin Sehra is a London-based artist passionate about identity, empowerment, self-love and positivity. She will be joined by Tate Collective Producer and artist Hannah Hill to co-lead a collage workshop exploring art and mental health.

Natasha Trotman, Alt Experiences: The Sensorial

Taylor Digital Studio
18.00–19.10, 19.30–20.10, 20.30–21.10

A digital workshop which will explore the emerging concept of neurodiversity and alternative ways of experiencing spaces and artefacts led by Natasha Trotman through a series of playful multi modal investigations that remix the senses.

Spaces are limited per time slot. Sign up at the entrance of the Taylor Digital Studio from 18.00.


A Seat at the Long Table

un(common) space

Join a drop-in long table discussion exploring career pathways and progression routes for young people from BAME working-class backgrounds.

Reprezent Radio presents ...

Outside the Djanogly Cafe

Join Reprezent Radio regulars Alicia Oyekan and Tanika Tan and a host of special guests as they explore all things well-being and mindfulness, the arts, youth culture, mental health and power of sound. Expect workshops, discussion and live performance.


Martin Creed: Words and Music

1840s Gallery

Martin Creed will be performing a selection of his humorous and catchy punk-folk-minimalist tunes which are as entertaining as they are shocking.

Martin Creed's Choir

Across Tate Britain
Throughout the evening

Listen out for pop-up choir performances throughout the evening as a group of six choristers perform a selection of Martin Creed scores.


Show and Tell: Edward Burne-Jones

Library and Archive Reading Rooms

Explore books, illustrations, exhibition catalogues and audio-visual materials exploring the talents of this Pre-Raphaelite visionary artist in Tate's Library & Archive.


Me, Myself and You

Henry Moore Room

Join Kori, one of the Tate Collective Producers as he combines poetry, filmic visuals and melancholy sound bites in an exploration of mental health told from a young persons perspective. This will form part of his research for his upcoming short film delving further into this subject matter.

Work No. 610, Sick Film, 2006

Clore Auditorium
18.00, 18.30, 19.00, 19.30, 20.00, 20.30, 21.00

This is a film of people vomiting for the camera. Being sick is less about thinking and more about being in the moment. Creed has said, ‘I am sick and tired of thinking. I want my work to be more like a vomit than a rumination …’

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1 February 2019 at 18.00–21.30

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