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Late at Tate Britain: Echoes

Marguerite Humeau, Taweret 2015 (detail). Courtesy the artist and DUVE Berlin. Photo: Trevor Good.

© Marguerite Humeau and C L E A R I N G New York/Brussels.

A night exploring myths and mortality, inspired by Marguerite Humeau's Echoes

South Space Records

South Space Records

Antonio Roberts

Antonio Roberts


Collage workshop at Late at Tate 2017



Late at Tate Britain April explores the Ancient Egyptians's relationship with mortality and its parallels with contemporary society, inspired by Marguerite Humeau. Ancient Egyptians looked at preserving life through spirituality. In our current age, do we try to achieve this through digital formats?

The series will kick off on 6 April with an evening exploring the current Art Now installation by Marguerite Humeau. The work, entitled Echoes, is conceived as a confrontation between life and death, with the gallery transformed into part temple, part laboratory for the industrial production of an elixir for eternal life.

Reprezent Soundsystem presents: South Space Records

Room 1840 and Djanogly Café


Catch DJs CIL, 5TATIC, E.K.A Beats, +44RAPTURE and Majoriti playing a range of electronic music from ambient to house, trap to old-school UK dubstep in Room 1840. Accompanied by projections from created by ASTRO/BOY, Mononoke and Angelo.

Djanogly Cafe will play host to up-and-coming artists Lakuna, SON, YTSURK, Keash and Rizzy, playing soul, jazz, electronic and hip-hop.

South Space Records is a South London based arts collective and record label of music producers and visual artists, taking a multidisciplinary approach wherever possible and providing a platform for emerging young artists. Reprezent are the resident DJ’s for Late at Tate for 2018.

Discussion: there's nothing here

Clore Auditorium


Artist and DJ Shenece Oretha (ORETHA) choreographs a live pouring out of a digital repository. This polyvocal open score explores the digital afterlife through a ceremony of voices. Produced in collaboration with London based curator-writer-artist, Tamar Clarke-Brown​.

Susi Disorder, Data Redundancy in Concrete 2018

Clore Studio


Using data retrieval, coding and installation, Susi Disorder examines the material intricacies of undead data. Will online personal data grant us a life extension through its interactive agency? If so, what kind of life will this be?

Mystical Collage

Hyman Kreitman Reading Rooms, Library and Archive


Create collages exploring myth and mysticism, using the archives of artists who were inspired by these themes, such as Graham Sutherland, Ithel Colquhoun and Cecil Collins. Brought to you by Tate’s Library and Archive team.

Antonio Roberts

Clore Auditorium

Antonio Roberts is a New Media artist and Curator based in Birmingham, UK. He uses technology-driven processes to explore issues surrounding open source software and free culture.

Ice Ice Baby 2016

Antonio Roberts "copied" and re-presented Vanilla Ice's 1990 song Ice Ice Baby by converting the bytes from the mp3 file into a jpg image and then sonifying resultant pixels. This act of defiance is done to bring into question the apparent harm of sharing data.

Tired 2013

A series of portraits created to express the tiredness and fatigue of being an artist tied to technology.

Stephen Lordan, The Least Means 76423.0982 [i] 2018

Top of Manton Stairs


An experimental sound intervention from artist Stephen Lordan exploring being through ephemeral materials, wasted potential, loss and catalysis.


Digital collective Compiler present a sound installation about the hauntological potential of digital technology to trace and interrogate echoes. Using technological processes, Compiler highlight the daily life of Tate Britain. A drop in workshop will expands on these ideas and generate a group digital footprint over the evening.

Vaporwave Showreel

Manton Studio


A Vaporwave showreel curated by Tate Collective London exploring the microgenre of electronic music and an internet meme culture that emerged in the early 2010s. Marguerite Humeau embraces various life forms in order to highlight the relevance of all species in the circle of life. Tonight we challenge realism by introducing a heavily obscured and technology based micro genre: vaporwave.

Graham Sutherland, The Bestiary or the Procession of Orpheus

See rarely displayed work from Graham Sutherlands series The Bestiary or the Procession of Orpheus 1978–9. Find the connections between Sutherland’s surreal approach to sketching organic forms and Maguerite Humeau’s work.

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6 April 2018 at 18.00–21.30

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