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A night inspired by John Constable's Salisbury Cathedral from the Meadows

Painted over 180 years ago and now considered a masterpiece, this event is inspired by John Constable's painting Salisbury Cathedral from the Meadows.

Join a mix of artists, DJ's and creatives to respond to the painting and discover what it means to you today.

Salisbury Cathedral from the Meadows

Salisbury Cathedral from the Meadows, exhibited 1831

John Constable

Oil paint on canvas

1518 x1899 mm

Purchased with assistance from the Heritage Lottery Fund, The Manton Foundation, Art Fund (with a contribution from the Wolfson Foundation) and Tate Members in partnership with Amgueddfa Cymru- National Museum Wales, Colchester and Ipswich Museum Service, National Galleries of Scotland, and The Salisbury Museum. 2013

Nawi Collective

Nawi Collective © Tim Easley

Peter Kennard, ‘Haywain with Cruise Missiles’ 1980
Peter Kennard
Haywain with Cruise Missiles 1980
© Peter Kennard

Glass © Antonio Roberts

A person reading from a magazine

© Khidr Collective

Yolanda Mercy

Yolanda Mercy © Helen Murray


Reprezent Soundsystem presents…

Room 1840 and Djanogly Café, 18.30–21.30

The voice of young London Reprezent 107.3 FM are our resident DJ’s for 2018. Listen out for Brixton’s Meltout Crew and the colourful and authentic sounds from Soul Surge.


Antonio Roberts

Taylor Digital Studio, 18.30–21.00

Salisbury Cathedral has stained glass windows dating back to the medieval times. What would digital stained glass look like? Join New Media artist Antonio Roberts to find out.

Under the Rainbow

Clore Studio, 18.30–21.30

John Constable exchanged many letters with his life-long friend John Fisher. Bring back the lost art of letter writing in a workshop led by actor and playwright, Yolanda Mercy.

Frenemy Collage

Clore Gallery, 18.00–21.00

Public spats between rival artists are nothing new – John Constable threw shade at his arch enemy, JMW Turner over 180 years ago. Join this workshop to explore artistic rivalry through collage.


Nawi Collective

North Duveens, 18.00–21.00

Choirs have been singing in Salisbury Cathedral for 900 years! Singing together has a long history and is a powerful force. Experience the sounds of Nawi Collective and find out for yourself.


Khidr Collective

Clore Auditorium 19.30–20.30

John Constable's relationship with his faith was deeply reflected in this painting of Salisbury Cathedral. But how is faith affecting the work of young creatives today? Join a discussion with Khidr Collective, whose publication's showcase young Muslim artists.


Lands of Lost Content: British landscapes in the Tate Archive

Hyman Kreitman Reading Rooms, 18.00–21.00

Landscape is a major theme of British Art. John Constable is considered one of the greatest landscape painters. Check out a great selection of landscape art from the Tate Archive.

Peter Kennard Collage

Prints and Drawings Room, 19.00–21.30

Peter Kennard is one of the UK’s leading political artists. Don't miss this rare chance to see some of his most iconic works up close and personal.


Under a Cloud

What might Salisbury Cathedral from the Meadows sound like? Listen to this sound piece created by our Tate Collective Team and young producers from The Salisbury Museum to find out.

This project has been made possible through the Aspire programme. Aspire is a partnership programme that has been touring Salisbury Cathedral from the Meadows across the UK - supported by Art Fund, and by National Lottery players through the Heritage Lottery Fund.


Re-framing Constable

Manton Studio, 18.00–21.30

Constable's masterpiece returns to Tate Britain in a new shiny gold frame. The Tate Collective Team interviewed Tate conservator Adrian Moore to find out how it was made.

The re-framing of this work and Re-Framing Constable film are a part of Aspire, a partnership programme touring Salisbury Cathedral from the Meadows across the UK. Aspire is supported by Art Fund, and by National Lottery players through the Heritage Lottery Fund.

This event has been programmed by young people aged 16–25 from our Tate Collective team.

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